Is your CBD legit?

Yes our CBD is legit. We use a CBD manufacturer out of Colorado that we have verified. We have the lab reports to prove the CBD is 99% pure.  Our goal, as you can see with our website, is to grow our product line and gain a strong customer base of repeat business. You can’t do that by selling fake products. Most fake product sellers you will find on e-commerce sites like eBay. This is because they can hit and run. Make sure the CBD seller has a website that they are putting work into, like articles, blogs etc.   CBD is expensive due to its extraction methods, so if you see someone selling 6000 mg of CBD tincture for $19 it's bogus.

Why don’t you accept PayPal?

Because not all states have embraced CBD yet, Paypal and other companies like Amazon and eBay do not like to conduct CBD business, It is against their policy. Although we may get away with using PayPal for a while, they will eventually shut us off. You can google some horror stories about CBD providers being turned off by Paypal causing them to have no payment processor. Instead, we found a CBD friendly credit card processor to process our credit card transactions.

Do you accept Crypto Currency?

We are working on it trying to provide this service. Keep visiting our site to learn more.

Why are CBD products so expensive?

The process to extract CBD is expensive. Manufacturers also need to have the CBD lab tested which is also not cheap.

Can I see your lab report?

Absolutely yes! It is a two-page report that outlines the CBD purity and that it is free of solvents. You can view it here Lab Report.

Why are your Tinctures not bitter like others?

Most tinctures are extracted using a catalyst like alcohol. The problem with this method is twofold. Not only does it taste very bitter, but you also have no idea how much CBD you are actually paying for. Tinctures that state they are 1000 mg have no way of knowing that is accurate without a lab test. We do our Tinctures a bit different. We use MCT Coconut Oil as a base and add the 1000 mg of CBD to each bottle. This ensures you get a great tasting product with the proper dosage of CBD.

Is there any THC in your products?

There is no THC at all in our products. We want to provide a product that helps people with certain ailments, not get them high. If you need THC for your particular ailment we suggest you see a doctor and get a medical marijuana prescription.

Do you offer Discrete Shipping?

Absolutely! Every single order is processed and shipped using discrete shipping methods. You will receive a blank padded envelope or box which will include only a shipping label from "Edens Herbals".