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Feature: 2-Pack Sleep Aid Tincture and Multi-Vitamin
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This 2-Pack Includes:

  • 1  SLEEP AID TINCTURE – 1500mg CBD/CBG/CBN 30ml


Sleep Aid Tincture

Looking for a restful & restoring night’s sleep?  Look no further! We are excited to announce our newest product- Eden’s Herbals Sleep Aid! Our specially designed proprietary formula contains CBD, CBG, and CBN blended with MCT (fractionated coconut oil) to give you that deep sleep you’ve been looking for, leaving you refreshed and ready to seize the day!

There are many variables when it comes to creating a CBD regiment that works for you; variables can include symptoms, ailment, body weight, activity level, and expectations.  The recommended dosage on all our CBD Oil Tinctures is 1ml. There are 30ml in each bottle, so each bottle is designed to last for approximately 30 days.

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Complete Multi-Vitamin

Maintaining excellent health can be quite a challenge in today's world. If you have specific risks or just wish to build up your immune system before the next global health risk, a multi-vitamin could make a world of difference!

No matter how incredible your diet is, getting every vitamin and mineral necessary for a healthy immune system isn’t easy. A daily multi-vitamin helps fill in the gaps and ensures that no matter what, you are ingesting everything your body needs!

Eden’s Herbals Complete Multi-vitamin includes a wide variety of helpful vitamins and minerals. Here are just some of those ingredients, and how they can help you become healthier every day!


  • VITAMIN A: Vitamin A has long been known as a critical nutrient to support eye health. Current studies indicate that women who face a high family risk of breast cancer can reduce their risk with high dietary levels of Vitamin A, including vegetables rich in orange and green colors such as sweet potatoes and spinach. A diet high in fish can also bump up your dietary Vitamin A.
  • VITAMIN C: Vitamin C is a wonderful addition to your supplement routine and a great focus for your diet. This crucial nutrient is great for your immune system and can even reduce high blood pressure and heart disease. Be aware that high levels of Vitamin C can irritate the stomach if taken on an empty stomach. Citrus fruits and vegetables high in red and orange tones are wonderful sources of Vitamin C.
  • VITAMIN D-3: All of the D Vitamins are good for your bone health. This vitamin can also support the vigor and functionality of your T-cells, which respond to infections and help you battle disease. If you love mushrooms, you're probably getting more Vitamin D than the standard diner. Ricotta cheese, salmon and tuna are also high in D-3.
  • VITAMIN E: Vitamin E encompasses many helpful antioxidants to support your cells fighting off damage from toxins. Oils and nuts, including almonds and olive oil, are an easy way to get enough Vitamin E. You can also find Vitamin E in a topical oil for chapped lips and dry or irritated skin. If you can't consume nuts, try an avocado, a mango, or a nice piece of rainbow trout.
  • VITAMIN K-1: Vitamins K-1 and K-2 are critical for your health; fermented foods are a wonderful source of K-2, but K-1 will take greens. From collard greens to brussel sprouts, your K-1 needs can be met with fresh greens. This vitamin is critical to maintaining healthy blood and protecting your liver from damage over time. When trying brussel sprouts, make sure you only buy what you can cook quickly, and only prepare enough to eat in one sitting; they don't store well.
  • VITAMIN B-12: A daily dose of B-12 protects your brain, your central nervous system, and your red blood cells. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, it's a good idea to get your B-12 levels checked quickly. This Vitamin is critical for women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Finally, getting plenty of B-12 is crucial for eye health as you age.
  • CALCIUM: Calcium is well-known as a mineral that's good for your bones, but you can also use this product as a way to manage and reduce joint pain. Be aware that too much calcium can be a risk as well; you need to combine calcium and Vitamin D for best absorption. Finally, remember to increase your weight-bearing exercises to put your calcium and Vitamin D to best use.
  • MAGNESIUM: Part of your journey to better health will likely include exercise. Getting a magnesium supplement into your routine will lessen muscle soreness and help you to heal up more quickly. Again, dark leafy greens will boost your magnesium intake, as well beans and bananas. If you're trying to get excited about the tougher fibrous greens like kale to boost your nutrient levels, carefully shred the green to reduce the impact of the fiber on the texture. To reduce bitterness, make a mild citrus dressing with almond oil, and as a treat, add sliced dried apricots for sweetness.
  • ZINC: Zinc offers wonderful support to your immune system. It's critical for healthy tissue growth, so you'll often find breakfast cereals that include extra zinc for growing children. Finally, if you have any circulatory concerns that cause slow healing of wounds, a zinc supplement is a necessary addition to your routine.
  • POTASSIUM: Potassium is crucial to maintaining your overall health. Having low potassium can put your life at risk; it's critical for heart health and muscle action. To boost your dietary potassium, eat more oranges and bananas. Avocadoes and salmon are another ideal source of this nutrient.
  • SPIRULINA: Spirulina is actually an ancient algae that's extremely high in many vitamins. It also includes a high level of protein and is an ideal addition to smoothies; the flavor on its own is quite bitter.
  • GRAPE SEED: Grape seed extract is a by-product of wine-making. While this supplement has long been effective in helping treat venous diseases and discomfort, it may cause stomach upset in some users. Start with a small dose to make sure you can tolerate it. Vitamin C supplements and grape seed extract should not be combined.
  • GREEN TEA: Green tea is rich with antioxidants and is made from the leaves of the tea plant prior to aging and fermentation. Green tea tends to be a bit more acidic than black tea, so you may want to start your green tea supplementation process with food to avoid an overly acidic reaction.
  • FLAXSEED: Flaxseed is an excellent source of fiber. Many people like to add flaxseed to their smoothies if they're working to lose weight as they increase the feeling of fullness. Flaxseed also reduces inflammation throughout the body and shows promise as a way to slow the growth of some estrogen-connected cancers.

No matter what you eat every day, you may struggle to enjoy the optimum nutrition needed for a healthy body. Consider taking a high-density supplement loaded with nearly all the products listed above to be sure.


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